Five Reasons You Need a Thermal Imaging Camera

Most Americans are aware of what a Thermal Imaging camera is and what it does. The credit for this probably goes to the many ghost hunters on TV today. Nearly all of these teams use some type of thermal imaging in their investigations. The cameras detect small temperature differences in the surrounding area and create an image to display where the fluctuation occurred. There are some very important reasons why people should want this type of equipment.

Identify Electrical Problems

Avoid a potential house fire by detecting a loose wire, overheating appliance, or dangerous outlet with a thermal imager. The camera makes it possible to identify hot spots and have an electrician repair the problem before it advances any further.

Locate a Leak

Discover the location of a leaking roof, look for a broken pipe in a wall, or discover air leaks around windows and doors. All of this is possible by reviewing common problem areas and seeing where the greatest variation in temperatures exists. Pinpointing the source of the concern makes it much more affordable to repair.

Check Their Health

A child with a fever is easy to spot with a thermal imager. This method may not be as exact as a thermometer, but it is a great way to determine if further investigation is necessary. Best of all, it can be done without disturbing a sleepy or grumpy child.

Discover Unwanted Guests

A family of raccoons in the attic or a mouse nest in the wall is easier to find with a thermal camera than it is by randomly poking into every hole and crevice. It is also a safety tool because it makes it possible to determine if it is just the odor that is hanging around or if the neighborhood skunk is still in the shed or under the porch.

Watch Nocturnal Animals

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts will love the ability to sit and watch nighttime visitors without scaring them off. The unobtrusiveness of the compact camera is an opportunity for people to enjoy the sight of wildlife following their usual routines.

Of course, if anyone would like to take part in a paranormal adventure, the cameras also help to detect random hot or cold spots in suspected haunted places. The compact devices available now transform any cell phone into a mobile thermal imaging device, so the technology is always close by regardless of the reason it is desired.